Konichiwa!!! Wow I have been gone for quite sometime.  I’ve been really busy. I hardly even have time for myself these days. What is on my mind today involves one of my favorite things ever. WORK! (Ok, that’s a total lie. NOT my favorite.) Work now, play later. I hear this all the time, but I’m sure not living life that way.  I think my problem is that I worry that there won’t be any later! So why not now? But that’s my biggest problem. Too much playing. I am incapable of saving $ because I try to have as much fun as I can now. Maybe it’s time for me to get serious and do more work than play. But what if it ends up being for nothing?

If you would have asked years ago what I thought I would be doing today, my answer wouldn’t even come close to my life now.  Sure, times have changed, but are they really for the better? I had no idea at this age that I would still be single,  trying to figure my career out, living with a roommate (who I love dearly btw), and living paycheck to paycheck. Of all the things, I at least expected to have a career. It’s not that I don’t mind it, because I know when my time comes I’ll be ready for it.  I think the part that is most frustrating is the career part. I am still trying to figure myself out. Even after being out of college for 3 years. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find my real passion? Will I ever find a job that doesn’t really feel like a job because I love it so much? Will I ever be able to live on my own comfortably, even after paying all of my gazillion bills? I sure hope the answer to all of these questions is yes. I just hope my patience pays off and that I am doing this in the correct order….


About thisisthenewthirty

I'm just a thirty-year-old single gal with a lot on her mind.
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