Upper Hand

Men. I really hate that word. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous I’m not one.  I still can’t seem to understand them.  I chatted with a good friend about men and the game playing that goes on even at this age.  Sometimes I feel like I’m still in college!! It’s amazing how times have changed. You really would think 30 year olds weren’t into all the game playing. But they are.  My friend made some really good points and it is perfect for the situation that me and a few other of my friends are in. She said men know we as women are emotional creatures and they use those feelings to control us, play games, and have the upperhand. They know if we see their emotions, most likely we will do the same to them. If playing with emotions is the only way to keep someone, then that means you are insecure because a real man will keep you with his love, not with all the childish games. 

So sometimes I wonder what is it really!? I think I’m just meeting the wrong guys. Maybe going to the wrong places. But I always seem to like the ones that are not worthy. Then the ones who are amazing you don’t want. It really is true…nice guys finish last! I wonder if this will ever change…

I do believe timing has a lot to do with it, too. Timing and karma. The person that I have developed feelings for now wants to act like a hard ass and nonchalant about everything when awhile ago, I was the one who was blowing him off. (Not in THAT way, get your mind out of the gutter!) So is it karma? Did I miss out on my chances back then when I didn’t care? I just really wish I didn’t care now.


About thisisthenewthirty

I'm just a thirty-year-old single gal with a lot on her mind.
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