Facebook transition

Hello world! More like “Hello Computer” because I doubt anyone ever sees this anyway.  I am totally new to this whole blogging thing. It’s more to replace Facebook, which becomes increasingly annoying to me everytime I log on.  Also, I think some of my statuses may offend some people or give them a perception of me being too immature. Plus I’m tired of all the bragging. I don’t really care that you got new expensive shoes today or that you have the best boyfriend ever.  When did this whole thing become a big competition? Frankly, anything that has to do with relationships makes me feel quite ill. In some ways, I don’t think I’m normal.  Most girls look at wedding pictures in awe, while Iliterally just wanna puke.  I’m a firm believer in Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right. But who knows, my mind may change someday. I think I’m just so set on being independent and having freedom that I don’t ever wanna lose that. And to be honest…I’m selfish. I barely have enough time for myself so how can I have time for anyone else? People who don’t think single people can be happy can be super slapped for all I care. Because I’ve never been happier. You may think otherwise from the tone of this post, but really, I am. 🙂

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I haven’t even eaten lunch yet. Talk about work being hazardous to your health.  I was reading a book earlier today called “People who Deserve it: Socially Responsible Reasons to Punch Someone in the Face” and one of them was “Guy who invented work”. I couldn’t agree more!! 

I don’t know if this me journaling rather than blogging… or is there a difference? Either way, it’s fun.



About thisisthenewthirty

I'm just a thirty-year-old single gal with a lot on her mind.
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One Response to Facebook transition

  1. thehalfpino says:

    I love it… you’ve inspired me to start back up… even though I originally start blogging to complain… MY SINGLE LIFE is amazing right now and I think I’m going to focus on that!

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